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Easter around the world

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:51 pm

I had this thought for an Easter around the world theme
We could do a few crafts related to how Easter is celebrated in different countries and work in a message along the way
1. Cascarones - Mexico
cascarones are dyed egg shells that you stuff with confetti and then glue a piece of tissue paper over the hole
the idea is to then have a free for all sort of cracking of the eggs over your friends head (outside of course)
Message 1: Jesus is good at cleaning out our insides and replacing the yucky stuff with happy things
message 2: just like there is confetti in the eggshell instead of gooey egg, Jesus did something unexpected too. He was not in the tomb like they thought but risen instead. eggshell=empty tomb, confetti=resurrection

2. Faberge Eggs-Russia
decorate plastic eggs with ribbon and adhesive jewels, gold heart candy inside (buy up the leftover dove chocolates from Val. Day)
Faberge eggs were elaborate and often created to conceal a treasure
Message 1: God can take something ordinary and turn it into something beautiful
Message 2: We can make our outsides really fancy, but God is concerned with the treasure on the inside, our hearts

3. Pysanky Eggs- Ukrain
these are eggs decorated with designs in melted beeswax and then dyed, repeating this process to make elaborate designs
Maybe do this with crayon designs on eggs and dyeing them, or coloring a band to put around an egg, or making sticker designs
Message: many of the symbols used in the Ukrainian eggs are Christian, i.e, fish, sunflowers for God's love, crosses, polka dots for Mary's tears, pussy willows which replaced the palm leaves in the Ukrain palm sunday tradition, triangles for the trinity
the thought would be to have several of these to choose from to explain about faith symbols

4. Egg trees-Germany
That odd thing about hanging eggs from trees is actually a German tradition
the craft would be to anchor a branch in a cup with rocks or playdoh and make eggs to hang from the branches
Message: The German tradition is to make and add an ornament for each week in Lent, and then add one each day for Holy week. This would be a great way to explain about the traditions of Lent and Holy week and demystify some of the religiousness of it. We can give them a egg cutout to color for each day of Holy week to take with them.

Do you all think this would be possible to pull off? Maybe have a passport that they can get stamped as they travel to different countries? Would it be too religious and make people uncomfortable? Should we somehow stack groups so we could share with our own church kids some of the symbolism and others would overhear?


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