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Post  Charlotte T on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:02 am

egg games:
• Egg Rolling -- If you have a hill on your church grounds, have the children stand at the top of the hill with an egg. On "go," have kids release their eggs and roll them down the hill. The first egg to the bottom is the winner. (You could also try this on a smaller scale on a playground slide.)
• Egg Bowling -- Have the children line up behind a line. Place an egg about 10 feet away from the children. One at a time, have the children roll their eggs to see who can get their egg closest to the first egg.
• Egg Races -- Form teams of 20. Place two lines about 20 feet apart and parallel to each other. In each team, have 10 kids line up behind one line facing the other 10 kids behind the other line. Give the first player in each team on one side an egg and a spoon. Children must place the egg in the spoon and race to their teammate across from them -- touching only the spoon. The opposite teammate takes the spoon and egg and races back to the other side. If a child drops the egg, he or she must begin again. Continue until everyone in each team has run the course

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