Event Date and Time: Best Opportunities to make Newcomers Feel Welcome

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Event Date and Time: Best Opportunities to make Newcomers Feel Welcome

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:57 am

I struggled with the idea of having this event before Palm Sunday, it seemed anticlimactic to invite new people to worship on Palm Sunday and not have the focused invite be just Easter. I also am still concerned we are inviting people to worship on a week when we are not exactly doing the usual thing in worship, and we'll be missing band members.
That said, one of the statistics I ran across when I was searching out info about new church attendees mentioned this: 10% of one time visitors will become regulars, 25% of two time visitors, and 45% of three time visitors. That really made me rethink how y'all were suggesting that we would have the opportunity for multiple invitations, in this case to invite someone to three events in nearly one week. If we can accomplish making visitors feel comfortable at our church through this Spring event, and then provide participation reasons for them to return the next two Sundays, we have greatly increased the odds that those families will find a place to be connected to Christ.

If this logic still seems sound to everyone and Saturday the 16th is the thing to do, we'll figure out a way to make worship happen smoothly.

As for event time, now that it has had a while to sink in, I think I like the 11-1 time slot, as long as there's not too much to set up morning of, and we consider lunch.

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